BEST Grout Cleaner EVER — Goo Gone Whole House Grout Cleaner

I love trying and reviewing new products–and no, it’s not just limited to new flavors of potato chips or Oreos.  I don’t get paid for these reviews, it’s just something I enjoy doing, ESPECIALLY when I find something that actually works the way it promises to. [UPDATE: Due to overwhelming demand, I have provided links, wherever possible, to a page on where you can purchase these products, if you wish.]

I’ve tried so many grout cleaners, and I thought I found the best one a few weeks ago when I purchased Insta-Gone.  That spray definitely works well on mildew in the shower–just spray and walk away, and come back a few minutes later to sparkling white grout lines. One major drawback though: the fumes from Insta-Gone are HORRENDOUS.  It smells like a bleach factory exploded whenever I try to use it.  I opened all the windows, made sure the room was well-ventilated, used it sparingly, and still the entire house reeked from the chemicals. 

So that’s why I am so happy to have found Goo Gone Whole House Grout Cleaner.  I’ve used the Goo Gone oil before, to remove stickers from glassware and on the front of picture frames, simple jobs like that, but I guess they’ve expanded their line of products.  I bought it on a whim because it claims to be “safe for natural stone, procelain, ceramic tile and fiberglass, yet promises “no harsh chemicals or fumes.”   Okay, then–challenge accepted. 
I confess, I was also drawn to the product because the tiles shown on the front of the bottle look a lot like my kitchen tiles. They were beautiful when first installed, but over the years, the pale almond colored grout has turned a nasty black in high traffic areas, and no amount of scrubbing has gotten them clean. I’ve tried lots of other cleaners, both harsh chemicals and natural remedies like straight white vinegar, but nothing worked. 
That is, until I tried the Goo Gone Grout Cleaner.   There was no chemical smell, and the foam sprays right onto the grout lines without overspreading to the rest of the tile.  The instructions say wait two minutes before wiping away and rinsing, and for stubborn areas, use a soft bristled brush if necessary. 
I followed the instructions, doing small sections at a time, and after two minutes, I passed a soft bristled scrub brush lightly over the grout line to loosen everything, and then wiped it up with a paper towel.  The results were astounding. 
Here are the before and after photos, unretouched.  The tiles in my kitchen are like brand new! 

The only downside: my kitchen is large, and I only bought a 14 oz bottle, which wasn’t quite enough to finish the entire floor. I’ll have to buy more!  
The photos really do speak for themselves.  I highly recommend this product!!


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