Review: Reese’s Peanut Butter Oreos

Regular readers of this blog know that one of my favorite things to do is try out new and interesting food products, and then review them.

So….imagine my joy last week when I stumbled upon this little beauty: Oreo cookies with Reese’s Peanut Butter creme filling.

Of course, for purely scientific purposes, I immediately purchased them and brought them home for a taste test.

The verdict: they’re FANTASTIC–the best “Limited Edition” flavor I’ve tried thus far. They’re the perfect balance of sweet, crunchy, chocolately, peanut-buttery goodness.

My only criticism: They’re not Oreos.

I can understand that Nabisco wants to increase their market share, and introducing a variety of flavor options is a great way to do that. But for so many people, myself included, Oreos were and always will be synonymous with a white creme center sandwiched between two chocolate wafer cookies.

It’s a shame these are considered “Limited Edition” and that Nabisco felt the need to fall back on the Oreo name, because I believe these cookies would sell well even if they were a completely different shape and had a different name. Yes, they’re THAT good.

The filling tastes exactly like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, and the peanut butter in particular is smooth and creamy and not the least bit grainy, which is the fatal flaw I’ve seen in other peanut butter cookie products. There’s a perfect balance between the amount of chocolate creme and peanut butter creme, and they taste equally good eaten as a whole, or split apart and eaten creme first. I even tried eating just the peanut butter side, and then the chocolate side–still great.

Hopefully, Nabisco will wise up and make these a permanent fixture in their stable of cookie offerings. Until then, I’m going to have to stock up on these and keep them in the freezer for a rainy day. Or any day, really.

Final Recommendation: Drop whatever you’re doing and GO GET THESE. You won’t be sorry.


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