Reflections on the Fourth of July

Today is Independence Day, a national holiday in the U.S. celebrating our declaration of freedom from tyrannical rule 238 years ago on July 4, 1776.

We’re having some rainy weather here in the northeast, so it has been a low-key day spent watching the FIFA World Cup and enjoying quality time with my family.  I also made some red, white & blue cupcakes, because I’ll take any excuse to make baked goods!

I wanted to share a blog post by a good friend of mine, Michael Lee. He wasn’t born in the United States, but he lives here now, and his reflections on “The Essence of the Fourth” really hit home for me today.  It’s a timely reminder that true American values are–and always have been–Freedom, Justice, Liberty and Equality for ALL.  I hope you’ll click through, give it a read, and enjoy.

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