Graduation Cupcakes

I’ve seen numerous versions of these floating around on the web, but wanted to share my version for those of you looking for a “peanut-free” version.
The original concept is simple: top a cupcake with an upside down peanut butter cup, and top it off with a square of chocolate or a chocolate-covered graham cracker.

The problem is, my daughter has several classmates with severe peanut allergies, so her school is a peanut-free zone.

For my version, I made the cap out of solid chocolate, using a peanut butter cup mold for the base, and a silicone mini-brownie mold to make the tops. All it takes it a small dollop of chocolate in each brownie mold, then tap it gently against the table to flatten out the chocolate so that the square comes out nice and thin.


Then I used white decorating gel icing to draw the tassel. I added sprinkles and sugar crystals in the school colors to customize them. They were a big hit!

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