Sage advice from an 11-year-old

I was out running errands tonight in the pouring rain with my youngest daughter. At one point, I explained why I was taking a slightly different route than usual: road conditions were slick and visibility was low, so I took a path that consisted of mostly right turns. It wasn’t the most direct path, but it was the safest, especially during rush hour.

She said it reminded her of one of her favorite expressions:
“If nothing is going right…go left!”

We talked about how that was good advice, whether you took it literally or as a metaphor for something deeper.  If you’re on a road where you can’t make a right turn, you just have to go a little past it, make a left, and double back to get there.

The metaphoric application is far more interesting, of course: if Life isn’t going in the direction that you’d planned, you need to adapt and take a totally different path. Switch things up, do the unexpected, and see where it leads.

Wise words, indeed.

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