It’s Election Day 2011. Please take the time to get to your local polling place and vote.

I sincerely hope the protesters at Occupy Wall Street and similar demonstrations across the country will exercise their right to vote. Spending your days camped out in a public park, holding up a sign and shouting catchy phrases for the TV cameras about being the 99% or fighting corporate greed–that’s your right as an American.

But all of the shouting and demands and shaking your fist at the sky don’t have nearly the power that the simple act of casting your vote could have.  Don’t tell me there aren’t any good choices out there–if you don’t like the representative from your area, then run for office yourself. Get involved and make a real difference.

It’s easy to stand up and criticize and point out the problems that face our country. How about you try being a part of the solution?


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