Summer Fun: Pick Your Own

Pick your own blueberries!
Peaches. Lots of ’em.

Today we went to a local farm to pick blueberries and peaches, and it was a great way to spend the day. The sun was shining and it was hot but we went early before it got too bad. The blueberries were at their peak, and we loaded up our baskets fairly quickly (and yes, there was some sampling along the way).  Then we moved on to the peach orchard for pick-your-own peaches.  Those weren’t quite as ready, so it was more of a challenge to find (and reach) the ones that were ripe enough for picking. 
Once we got home, we made blueberry pie and peach cobbler. We still have tons of fruit leftover (we picked wayyyyy too many peaches) so tomorrow, I’ll be making preserves. LOTS of them.

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