High School Grad!

I can’t believe my firstborn is now a high school graduate. How is this possible? Where did the years go?? Wasn’t she just in the other room fingerpainting? Yes, yes I’m sure she was.

And yet, today, she graduated high school, with honors and a couple of awards and even a few local scholarships. We’re so incredibly proud of her. She worked hard to achieve this well-earned success, and I know there’s more of that to come.

In just 2 short months, she’ll be college-bound to a terrific university about two hours away. Just far enough to be independent, but close enough that I can drop everything and get there if she needs me. She’ll be fine, I know she will.

Me? That remains to be seen.

Congratulations, Christina. I’m truly happy for you, baby. I know that you have a bright future ahead of you, and that you will love your years at college. In fact, you will probably look back on these years as some of the best ones of your life. It’ll be great!

Just pay no attention to that sobbing mother behind the curtain.

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