Easter 2011

Christmas Eve is my favorite holiday, but Easter is a close second. I love getting the girls dressed up for church (although, these days, they take care of most of the primping themselves), I love any excuse to eat chocolate, and I love passing on holiday traditions. Starting the day off with Mass, and then eating ourselves into oblivion…what could be better?

This year, I made a batch of rainbow cookies (aka seven layer cookies) with my eldest daughter, and some pignoli cookies. I’ll also be making dandelion soup, a traditional Southern Italian dish that my grandmother used to make every year.

Wishing you a Blessed & Happy Easter!

2 thoughts on “Easter 2011

  1. My son would love all that colour. I only make cookies from a box!!I know, I must do better. I'll try and make what you have from start to finish, it looks great. Did you just add food colouring?

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