President Obama wins big

My husband made those. Nice job, Rich!

Seriously, though…the Nobel Peace Prize? For what??

I agree that President Obama has a lot of potential, but he only just took office a few months ago. He hasn’t actually done anything yet.

The Nobel is supposed to recognize extraordinary achievement. Ousting George W. Bush & company was admirable…but prize-worthy? I don’t think so.

Extending an olive branch to other nations around the world, trying to mend fractured relationships? That comes with the territory of the Office of President.

The entire award seems like a stunt by the Nobel Committee. Truly a head-scratcher.

2 thoughts on “President Obama wins big

  1. Lisa,
    Does you husband know Photoshop? If not, what program was used to insert Obama's head on the hockey player holding the Stanley cup? I remember from another blog that your sport is hockey.

    I like the clean look of your blog. We don't often agree politically but roughly half the country disagrees with the other half.

    Lisa, in this post, unless it was 'tongue in cheek' you wrote…
    "The Nobel is supposed to recognize extraordinary achievement. Defeating George W. Bush in the Presidential election was admirable…but prize-worthy? I don't think so."

    Obama did not defeat George W. Bush in the Presidential election. He defeated John McCain which was not admirable. My opinion, McCain was the worst of the bunch who were running in the primaries but the Republicans/conservatives/right-wingers etc. picked McCain to run against Barack Obama. McCain ran a terrible campaign.

    (My opinion on the Nobel Prize) – Barack Hussein Obama wins Peace Prize. For what? Must have been his 'Apology Tour' telling every country he visited that America sucks! That, no doubt helped convince the Nobel committee.

    So…how can Obama now send more troops to Afghanistan? How is he supposed to stop Iran from attaining their nukes? How will he contain terrorism? Not with force.

    With the awarding of the peace prize to Obama, the committee put him in a bind beyond what he has already created for himself. I believe he really does have a plan for our country. He wants to weaken our country. He wants to remove our 'super power' status. He is also actually so naive that he believes he can make friends with our enemies by talking with them.

    Two other U.S. liberals have also won the 'prize' in recent years – for doing nothing. Jimmy Carter and Al Gore. So, I suppose Obama deserves the prize as much as they did. They are quite a trio.

    From the UK Telegraph…Obama's won the Nobel Peace – WTF?!

  2. Kris, thanks for your comment. Yes, Rich used Photoshop. He usually uses it quite sparingly with his photographs, but this was just for fun.

    You're right about the Bush comment…I brain-farted there. My point was that he toppled the Bush Administration et. al.

    I liked John McCain, but I thought his pick of Sarah Palin showed a desperation and a willingness to pander to the far-right that was unacceptable.

    I disagree about Al Gore. He has been at the forefront of the crusade for environmental reform, and has been leading the discussion about global climate change for decades.

    Thanks for reading, and for taking the time to comment and share your views.

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