A perfect summer day…in April?

After several weeks of chilly temperatures and soaking rains, we finally had a glorious day filled with sunshine. It hit 92F here in the middle of the afternoon–a tantalizing taste of summer, smack dab in the middle of spring.

Just before dinner, as the sun waned and temperatures cooled a bit, I sat outside on the deck to drink it all in. My new windchimes–a gift from one of my students–filled the air with music every time a soft breeze blew through. There were birds singing (and probably celebrating that I finally got around to re-filling the feeders), and bees buzzing over my head en route to the fragrant pink blooms of our flowering cherry tree.

It was one of those perfect, serene moments–one that I tried to capture as a snapshot in my mind, so that I can hark back to it when life gets crazy and stressful.

Life is good.

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