Facebook “Twitterized”…blech!

Last night, as I was checking messages on Facebook, the screen changed, and suddenly there was a whole new look to the home page. I knew it was coming, but I still wasn’t prepared. I’d read that Facebook wanted to beef up its “real time” updates, in order to be competitive with streaming sites like Twitter.

The thing is, if I’d wanted to keep my friends updated every time I exhale, I’d go ahead and sign up for Twitter.

I don’t. Which is why the old Facebook suited me just fine.

Actually, the old old Facebook was even better. A “redesign” a few months back has made the pages more cluttered and less user-friendly, but I finally got adjusted to the new format. Now they’ve gone and tweaked it again.

The result? I’m even less likely to use it than I was before. Nice going, Facebook.

1 thought on “Facebook “Twitterized”…blech!

  1. I used to have a few pretty cool pages for other projects (lit journals, my book), and then they changed them to look like regular member profiles. Which means people have to look harder to get the information about those projects.

    And people don’t like to look for things.

    I’ve gotten kind of tired of facebook, too.

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