Weekend Wrapup

We didn’t have much planned at the outset, but it ended up being a great weekend. On Saturday, Rich’s sister Cathy came over for dinner with her husband, Angelo, to meet Scooter. They loved him, of course, and the feeling was mutual. They brought a dog bed for him, which he loves. He was a bit shy at first, but once they started feeding him cheese and crackers (against my wishes) they became fast friends.

Aunt Cathy & Scooter

Today, we had a nice quiet day at home, just chillin’. This morning, Rich took the pup to a nature preserve, where he met lots of other dogs. I stopped at Luke’s Place to finalize the paperwork for Scooter, and to make the adoption official. He’s all ours!

I think everyone is surprised at how well Scooter has fit in here, and how quickly. I was dreading all of the extra work that would be involved, but I’m happy to say, everyone in our family is pitching in and helping out, so it’s been a real pleasure.

It has been a very busy time, but now that the back-to-school stuff is finally over and we’re settling into more of a routine, I’m hoping to get back into editing my YA book. I’ve let it sit for far too long. I’m not planning to do NaNoWriMo again this year, but I’m going to do a “rewrite” boot camp for myself to get the book whipped into shape. I want to have it in shape for submission by the end of the year.

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