Olbermann’s rant

wow…this guy needs to switch to decaf.

Bonus points if you can get all the way through the entire seven and a half minutes.

This is an extraordinarily passionate and personal rant about divisiveness being nurtured by the McCain campaign. I’m not saying he doesn’t make some excellent points, but after something like this, can anyone ever see Olbermann deliver the news as an “impartial journalist” again?

If he wants to become the left-wing answer to Bill O’Reilly, so be it. O’Reilly just inked a new $10 million contract with FOX, so I can certainly understand the appeal. But, a rant like this–with its tone of barely-contained rage–is not exactly unifying. Not that it was meant to be, of course, but I guess I’m just getting a little tired of all the drama from both sides.

This morning at breakfast, my eldest daughter noticed a quote on the back of a juice box that was left on the kitchen table from the night before. It said:

“He who throws mud only loses ground.”
— Fat Albert

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