Text messaging into history

Barack Obama is set to announce his pick for a V.P. running mate…via text message.

It’s a strategic move, designed to snag him a valuable bank of cell phone numbers that he can use to his advantage as the election draws closer. It’s not difficult to understand the appeal of this unique approach.

But, am I the only one who sees this as a bit “gimmicky” and disrepectful? Something as serious and historic as the Democratic Vice Presidential candidate for 2008, trumpeted via the same medium my teenager uses to set up mall dates with her friends?

Perhaps I just prefer old fashion methods of communication, like the one the Papal Conclave uses: black smoke, no decision yet; white smoke, we have a new Pope.

ah well…time marches on. Still, I can’t help wondering if this is “progress,” or just more smoke & mirrors.

1 thought on “Text messaging into history

  1. Unfortunately there have been a lot of smoke and mirrors in this campaign. One of the main reasons I will not vote for these two is that Obama has been pandering to this group of “first-time” voters. These people who are joining the process for the first time. The democrat heads keep saying, “he brought a lot of new people to the polls and we can’t disenfranchise them.” Nothing could be more insulting to me. Better to disenfranchise the party loyalists who have been a part of the process since BEFORE they were able to vote. I’m sorry, but if this is the first time you’ve decided to vote (for whatever reason) I welcome you to the table but, your vote is no more important than mine.

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