Why did you go on FOX News–a notoriously right-wing conservative network–and make idle chit chat during the commercial breaks where you used the “N” word and declared you wanted to cut Obama’s b*lls off? Did you honestly think no one would be listening, or that they wouldn’t expose what you said?

Is it jealousy, anger at the fact that YOU came up short in your Presidential bid, unfathomable stupidity, desperation for the spotlight, what??

Seriously, Jesse. This is harder to figure out than one of those 5-stars-in-stars Sudokus.

What the heck were you thinking?

2 thoughts on “Why?

  1. This man stopped having credibility years ago.

    Read my site and you’ll know that I’m no Obama fan but Jackson is ticked because Obama isn’t telling blacks that their trousers below the underwear lines isn’t acceptable.

    Talking down to them? If they feel that’s what he’s doing, maybe they should look first at where they’re listening from!

  2. agreed, Chief. Jesse Jackson stopped being relevant a long time ago. Unfortunately, this kind of slip up will be exploited by the other side for all that it’s worth, and once again, we’ll fail to focus on the real issues, like the war and the economy.

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