Dining Room Dancers

The one thing I found most disappointing about my recent cruise was the nightly entertainment. In my opinion, the dancers that performed in the Caribbean Lounge were subpar on this trip, especially compared to the ones I’ve seen on Princess and Celebrity. The singing and musicians were great, but with one or two exceptions, the dancers were decidedly unenthusiastic, and often woefully out-of-sync. The costumes were also a bit cheesy. Overall, the shows were still enjoyable, and a fun way to pass the time, but if I had to rate the quality of the dancers on a scale of 1 to 10, they’d get a 5–and that’s probably a little generous.

The singing was better, thank goodness. The female lead singer had a fantastic voice; the male lead was good but just a bit “lounge lizardy” for my tastes. He did have a bit of a “Tom Jones” quality about him. The worst act by far was the magician they had one night. Good lord, he was AWFUL. Old, simple tricks that you’ve seen a zillion times, with lots of emphasis on the smoke and mirrors and spectacle of the trick rather than any actual skill in executing it. His show was so boring, I left before the end because I couldn’t take it anymore, and that’s something I never do!

Fortunately, the staff in the dining room more than made up for the lackluster pro performers. Each night, the wait staff put on a little show for us as we had our dessert. Some nights there was singing, and others had dancing that was fun, rambunctious, and hilarious. There was one waiter in particular who was an absolute joy to watch. For me, the dining room entertainment was one of the top highlights of the entire cruise.

Here’s a video of the general spectacle…the waiter I’m talking about appears about midway through:

Here’s another video, that highlights that one waiter in particular. This guy was really got into it, and the room went nuts for him:

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