Book review: Ghosts Among Us

I’ve been reading the latest offering from medium James Van Praagh, Ghosts Among Us. Van Praagh has been around for many years, and serves as a producer on the show “The Ghost Whisperer.” His book offers a fascinating perspective on the world around us, which he insists is populated by ghosts/spirits that most people can’t see. The book provides insight on how to recognize the presence of a ghost in your life, how to protect yourself from negative energy/troubled spirits, and puts forth a view of the afterlife that is positive and uplifting.

The book does not preach any particular faith, and the information is offered at face value–take it or leave it. He’s not out to “sell” you on the idea that ghosts exist.

I enjoyed this book thoroughly, and recommend it to anyone who is even remotely curious about the spiritual realm. The highlight of the book, for me, was Van Praagh’s take on how we need to live our earth-bound lives in a positive way, to make the transition to the next life that much easier.

Good stuff.

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