The Bachelorette

good lord, I confess, I’ve gotten myself wrapped up in yet ANOTHER season of this asinine television show. What’s wrong with me??

I can’t help it. Late at night, when I’m exhausted from using my brain all day, I look forward to relaxing with some mind-numbing escapism. Is that so wrong?

Well, even if it is, it’s too late–I’m hooked on the latest season of The Bachelorette, featuring the narcissistic Greek-goddess DeAnna, who was herself rejected on a previous season of The Bachelor (which, fortunately, I did NOT subject myself to). We’re down to the final 3, Jesse, Jason and Jeremy. After tonight’s all-new episode (DeAnna takes the guys home to meet her folks) we have The Men Tell All special episode. I can already feel my brain cells melting….aaaaaahhhhhh.





I’m rooting for Jesse the snowboarder (not the typical “tall and hunky” type, but a real sweetheart) and Jason (the single dad who is probably too good for DeAnna). Jeremy seems a little wooden and boring to me. I’m predicting he’ll be given the boot tonight.



How sad is it that I’ll be missing the finale because I’ll be on vacation? The horror!

Thank goodness for DVR technology.

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