Thanks for the memories, Angelina

The minute I saw this photo of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt at Cannes, it brought back some wonderful memories.

No, not memories of Cannes, or that stolen night I had with Brad Pitt all those years ago (oh, that there might be even one person out there who would actually believe that).

Seeing this picture of a very-pregnant Jolie reminded me of one of the constant realities of being with child:

The Belly Stains.

I know it’s hard to see here on the blog, but have a closer look at her dress, in the area just to the left of her thumb and up a bit: a cluster of little non-descript stains made by lord-knows-what. The kind of stains that are just out of visual range for the pregnant woman who wears them, but are visible to the rest of the world. Of course, no one bothers to say anything, because they feel sorry for you and your blimp-like silhouette. They’re afraid they’ll make you cry, or even worse, that you’ll just laugh and pee yourself.

So, nobody bothers to tell you that you’re walking around with little spots all over your clothes. They’re so common at this stage in the pregnancy, because the part of your belly that protrudes out the most is the most susceptible to catching every little drip and splatter that you encounter throughout the day. You don’t see them yourself until you finally get undressed for the night. That’s when you get to relive your day, in agonizing detail, thinking about all of the people you saw that DIDN’T bother to clue you in.

It’s okay, Angelina. With someone like Brad on your arm, I’m sure most people didn’t notice them. But I did, and it brought back some fun memories. Thanks.

3 thoughts on “Thanks for the memories, Angelina

  1. I’d believe you and Brad were together. Of course, I also believe that I might still be drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers! – Hey – it could happen!

  2. Chief, you made my day!

    And yes, anything is possible. If Billy Crystal can be a NY Yankee (even if it was only for a day), then you can be a Steeler. I believe in you!

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