Praying for Randy Pausch

I’ve blogged before about Randy Pausch, the Carnegie-Mellon professor who has turned his own battle with pancreatic cancer into a crusade to help others. His book, The Last Lecture, is a bestseller now, but for those of us who follow his blog, the news continues to get worse every day. On May 2nd, Randy posted that his cancer has spread to his lungs and abdominal area. He’s also been slowed down by congestive heart failure and kidney failure, which has been making treatment more difficult for him.

For those of you who believe in prayer, please send one or two out there for Randy Pausch. I’ve never met him, but he seems like a kind soul who could really use the good vibes right about now.

2 thoughts on “Praying for Randy Pausch

  1. Did you know that JJ Abrams… the director of the new Star Trek movie was so taken with Randy and his story that he flew him out to LA a few months back and offered him a small role in the movie – and he has a speaking role?

    I know it’s trivial… but what a wonderful story and such a great legacy this man is leaving to his wife and kids!

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