READ THIS BOOK: Dervishes by Beth Helms

I am privileged to belong to an online group of extraordinarily talented writers–I often ask myself, “What the heck did I do to get lucky enough to be in such company?”

Today, one of these writers had her novel debut in bookstores across North America. I received my copy today from Amazon, and started reading.

I’m already hooked.

Trust me, if the book wasn’t any good, I could have very easily gotten away without even mentioning it here on the blog. Beth is not the type of person to hype herself or push others to give her some good PR.

Turns out, she doesn’t have to: the book is fantastic. I started reading it this afternoon and CANNOT PUT IT DOWN. Seriously…it’s that good.

Get thee to your local bookseller and pick up a copy, post haste! Trust me, you’re going to be hearing about this book very soon (it’s featured in the current issue of MORE magazine, and is being reviewed by the NY Times in just a few weeks) and you’ll want to be one of the first to read it.

Click here to order a copy from

Now, if you’ll excuse me….I’m off to read some more.

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