JLo watches Dragon Tales?

I just read a report that actress/singer Jennifer Lopez and her husband Marc Anthony have named their newborn twins Max and Emme.

Those just happen to be the names of the brother and sister characters on the animated show, Dragon Tales. The characters are of hispanic origin, and go on adventures (via a magic dragon scale they find in their new house) to a place called Dragonland. My kids loved that show when they were little. Do you suppose JLo is a big fan?

I wouldn’t be surprised if Marc Anthony’s kids from his previous marriage had a hand in picking out the names. After all, my second-born got her name from a Barney video that my first-born loved at the time. In “Waiting for Santa,” Barney celebrates Christmas Eve with a boy named Michael and his little sister, Amy. My daughter Christina used to watch that video all the time, and I think she assumed that all baby sisters were named Amy. She wanted a little sister very much, so she just started telling everyone that we were having a girl (even though we didn’t find out ahead of time) and that her name was Amy.

When the baby was born, we decided that we loved the name, and it was even more special because her sister picked it out.

All hail, the power of television!

1 thought on “JLo watches Dragon Tales?

  1. After watching Dragon Tales a billion times this week, it dawned on me that they were JLo’s babies’s names. I figured too that the older siblings had a part in naming them. It would be funny for someone to actually ask her where the names came from…and if Dragon Tales would come out!

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