The Truth About Pet Food


I had an enlightening conversation today with a certified pet sitter who will be looking after my pets while I’m on vacation. She told me about the book Food Pets Die For by Ann N. Martin.

The book exposes the horrific ingredients that are used in producing commercial pet foods. Diseased cattle, rancid oil, moldy cornmeal, roadkill animals, and even euthanized dogs and cats are being turned into pet food.

This turns my stomach. The more research I do, the more upset I become.

The good news is, there ARE pet food companies out there who manufacture high-quality, cruelty-free foods that are safe and nutritious for pets. You can find more information here at PETA’s website, where they have a list of companies that do not test their products on animals. Although the term “human-grade quality” can vary from one manufacturer to the next, the PETA list is a good starting point.

Eye-opening, to say the least. My cats will definitely be making the switch.

Tiger in her tiara

Mittens, lounging around

Nothing but the best for my babies!

2 thoughts on “The Truth About Pet Food

  1. Great post! I have three cats who would probably hate to be eating dogs.

    but –

    Um, like, I don’t visit PETA’s website? Because, like, I’m afraid of seeing pictures that will make me cry for months? And I don’t, uh, need to be convinced animals are mistreated?

    Really – I can’t look at the pictures. I saw one picture, once, of a fox in the fur trade. I’ll never forget the look in its eyes. I can’t handle seeing more of that.

    Any chance you might include a short list of good pet foods so I can continue my cowardly ways?

  2. I know how you feel, Kristen…those pics can be hard to look at, and have a way of burning themselves into your memory.

    I’ll post the list of cruelty-free companies for you in a separate post. It’s a good idea, so thanks for the suggestion.

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