A Step in the Right Direction

Given the information I recently received about the awful stuff that goes into most commercial pet foods, I decided to switch my cats over to a cruelty-free, all-natural premium brand. Yes, it will cost more, but I feel that it’s worth the sacrifice.

My local pet supply store had a wide variety to choose from, and gave me a bunch of free samples to try. I’m not going to make the switch completely until I get back from my vacation next week, but I have let the cats sample the new food, and they LOVED it.

The one that I think will suit their needs best is Wellness brand’s Indoor Health Formula. It has no animal by-products, no soy, no corn, and no artificial ingredients. So far, even finicky Mittens gave it a good rating.

I tell you one thing: it certainly looks and smells a lot better than the old stuff. Pricewise, it’s pretty steep: Whiskas dry food cost me about $1.21 a pound, while this Wellness variety comes closer to $3 a pound. However, the company does have some mail-in rebate offers that I will take advantage of, and I have the comfort of knowing that this food is a lot more nutritious then the old stuff. It doesn’t have any cheap fillers like corn, so of course, it’s going to cost more. If it helps my cats stay healthy and strong, it’s worth every penny.

The certified pet sitter who first told me about this important issue recommends both the Wellness brand and Innova. You can find more info on them here: Wellness Brand: www.wellnesspetfood.com, Innova: www.NaturaPet.com

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