Democratic Debate: Quick Take

I watched the debate last night between Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton, and I have to confess, it nearly put me to sleep. I was very glad to see both of them learning from the Republicans’ mistakes and keeping things civil, but I never quite got a handle on exactly WHY I should vote for one of them over the other. I know they didn’t want to spar and look antagonistic, but it was all a bit too bland to make much of an impact.

If I had to give the “win” to someone last night, I’d say Hilary did the best. She was engaging, funny, and more than held her own when it came to answering the critical questions that came her way. Wolf Blitzer did a far superior job of moderating than Anderson Cooper did, and keeping things orderly. I know, it was easier for him having only two candidates up there, but I still think AC bungled the Republican debates with his weak moderating.

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