Calamine Lotion: my new wonder drug

Some of you may recall an earlier post of mine, where I sang the praises of Calamine Lotion, and how it saved me from the dreaded “Jalapeno Hands” last year. Well, once again, the little pink miracle drug has come to my rescue.

I’m just getting over a bad cold, and in addition to a red nose that would make Rudolph cringe, I also developed a nasty fever blister on my lip. Great…don’t I look attractive?

This kind of blister usually takes a solid week to go away. My lip blows up like a balloon and I look positively awful. Abreva helps a little, but not much.

Last night, before I went to bed, I put a tiny dab of Calamine Lotion on the blister as an experiment, just to see if it would help dry it out and make it heal faster. This morning, the blister was HALF the size. It’s now almost 24 hours later, and (after a few additional dabs of Calamine throughout the day) the fever blister is almost completely GONE.

To quote the illustrious Doctor Bones McCoy: “I’m beginning to think I can cure a rainy day!”

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