Presidential dropouts…

John Edwards bowed out of the Presidential Race today, less than a week before Super Tuesday. It seems a shame that he wouldn’t at least give it a try, with 24 states going to the polls next week, and one more Democratic debate coming up tomorrow. I’m wondering if perhaps the DNC approached him with an offer he couldn’t refuse: a guaranteed political appointment in the new administration, no matter who wins on the Dem side. Given his wife’s precarious health situation, his quickly dwindling funds, and consistent third place finishes, I suppose it was inevitable.

Guiliani is also expected to bow out today. I’ll never quite understand his “strategy” to focus primarily on Florida, and leave the earlier primaries to the rest of the pack. My husband theorized that perhaps there was an underlying health issue for Guiliani, one that precluded him from campaigning with fervor in the earlier primaries. If you recall, he was hospitalized in December, obstensibly with “flu-like symptoms”, but perhaps there’s more to it than that. Whatever the case may be, he bungled his bid for President, and now it’s time for him to step aside.

Tonight, the Republicans debate on CNN, and tomorrow, the Democrats. I still haven’t made up my mind who I’m voting for, so I’ll be watching.

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  1. Vote for Ron Paul, he is the only one who cares about the constitution and the people of the United States. All the other candidates are just like every other two faced lying politician.

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