How to Look Good Naked

When I first heard about Carson Kressley’s new show on Lifetime, How to Look Good Naked, I was skeptical. Now that I’ve watched a couple of episodes, I have to say: I LOVE THIS SHOW.

Based on the promos, I thought this show was an enabling, anti-makeover show that teaches an already overweight America that it’s okay to be fat.

Not the case at all. It’s an inspiring, therapeutic show for women who don’t have perfect supermodel bodies, but aren’t unhealthy. It breaks through the labels we put on ourselves, and encourages women to be more confident and accepting of who they are right now, whether or not they ever make any changes.

I’m not thrilled with the way the show ends every week–the newly-confident woman poses naked for a photo shoot–but the overall message for the show is one of empowerment and self-confidence.

Carson Kressley is a gem. He’s funny, outrageous and entertaining to watch, and keeps the show moving along at a good pace. The latest episode had him dressed as Carmen Miranda, doing the salsa while trying to help his protege get back her dance groove. Last week, while he and the woman featured on the show went to a spa. She’s getting a facial and he’s luxuriating nearby in a tub full of bubbles, with his hair in a turban. He lifts his leg and extends it out of the water, admiring his skin, saying, “I’m so gorgeous.” The woman jokes, “What are you going to do tomorrow when I’m more gorgeous than you?” (after her makeup and hair session) and he says, “Oh, I’ll probably just stab you in the eye with a shoehorn.” Later, they’re having side-by-side massages, and she says, “You know what? I feel beautiful!” and without even opening his eyes or moving a muscle, he sighs, “Yes, I feel beautiful, too.”

It’s on Friday nights on Lifetime at 9pm, with repeats aired at various times throughout the week. Definitely worth checking out!

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