Help Save Horses in the Southern U.S.!!!

I know that choosing a charity to donate money to is a very personal decision, but I couldn’t help posting this flyer that recently came across my desk. Due to severe drought conditions, the horses in the southern part of the U.S. are starving to death. The price of hay has skyrocketed there, so that many owners can’t afford to keep their horses. Even those who are able to pay the higher prices cannot get sufficient amounts from local suppliers to keep their horses alive. Horses are being abandoned and left to die of starvation.

This situation recently came to the attention of my writer’s group after one of our members mentioned an article that appeared in the Los Angeles Times. A couple of our members took matters into their own hands and found a way to send emergency shipments of hay from up North to the areas of the U.S. that most desperately need it. These hay shipments are expensive, and have been financed independently by these dedicated animal lovers/horse owners who could not stand by helplessly while this kind of suffering was going on. A fund was also created for anyone who would like to contribute to this cause. It is our hope that we can raise enough funding to keep the shipments going until this crisis is over.

Please feel free to copy and paste this info and send it to anyone who you think might be interested in helping out.


Please Help Us Help Horses in the South

Devastating drought conditions in the Southern US have led to a SEVERE hay shortage and loss of pasture. Horses are starving, being sent to slaughter or set loose on back roads to die a slow and painful death.

Local rescue organizations and equine foster homes are staggering under the burden. Without your help they will not be able to feed the horses they are desperately trying to save.

You can help us help these horses!

A tax deductible donation (in any amount) will allow us to ship tractor trailer loads of hay to the most drought-stricken parts of the country.

We are a small group of concerned horse owners who are buying and shipping hay, efficiently and quickly, to the places it most needs to go at this time. Because we are a small organization without overhead or costs, every penny you donate will go to buy and deliver hay where it is needed !

The Fairfield Equine Foundation is processing donations for us.
Please help us! We will save horses!

Mary Hord of the Almost Home rescue organization in Tennessee, writes: ” PLEASE TELL YOUR PEOPLE WE ARE DESPERATE HERE!! I can’t tell you how it helps my heart to know that there are folks who are trying to help!! Really, as upset as I am over these horses, I have a video playing in my head of the day I see that big rig pulling in with all that hay!!”

Send your donation check to:

Fairfield Equine Foundation
Attn: Hay Fund
32 Barnabas Rd.
Newtown, CT. 06470

or you can send a donation via PayPal:

If you would like a tax deductible receipt, please include your e-mail address
or a SASE so we can forward it to you.

Thank you!!!!

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