So far, so good: Day 4

Well, the demolition was done in one day, so Thursday was spent framing out the new island and adjusting the size of the “window” between the kitchen and the family room. I also took a ride over to the cabinetry supplier, and picked out the drawer pulls and hardware. There weren’t too many choices, because we’re going with the ones that are included with the cabinets. We have so many cabinets going in, it would have been ridiculously expensive to get custom pulls. Maybe in a few years when I get bored with these? We shall see.

(pictures to be added soon–waiting for Rich to upload them)

Friday was a quiet day here, construction-wise. The plumber isn’t scheduled to arrive till Monday, with the electrician to follow soon after. Our designer, Sheila, showed up Friday morning with Grant, our contractor, and they laid out the lighting plan. It was a good day to have some peace and quiet, because the kids were off from school.

So far, I have to say, this process has been very pleasant. Between the breakfast prep area I have set up in the dining room and the makeshift-kitchen area downstairs in the basement, I’ve still been able to cook and serve meals without much disruption.

Of course, we’re only 4 days into this process. We’ll see if I’m still singing the same tune next month!

The only headache we’re experiencing is trying to find lighting that we like for over the kitchen table and above the island. We’ve finally narrowed it down to a few choices, and will hopefully get it all ordered by Monday.

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