OJ’s book: Sickening

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Behold, the cover for OJ Simpson’s debacle of a book: IF I Did It. Could they have made the word “If” any smaller?

Don’t think so.

How proud the Goldman Family must be, seeing their dead loved one’s name splashed all over this disgusting piece of trash written by a unremorseful murderer. And now, thanks to all the pre-orders the book has received, Barnes and Noble announced yesterday that they’ve changed their minds, and WILL indeed stock the book in their stores.

What’s that sound you hear? Oh, don’t worry, it’s just the very fabric of our civilized society being irreparably torn into a million pieces.

1 thought on “OJ’s book: Sickening

  1. It’s available online for free, in PDF.

    The more word gets around, the more likely the curious will be to read it for free rather than buy it.

    (I couldn’t help myself – had to read his telling of the murder scene. Scrolled through the rest.)

    I’d never have bought it, though. Even if the Goldmans get the money, Simpson will somehow be informed it’s selling. As if his ego isn’t big enough. bleh.

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