If Ignorance and Arrogance had a baby…

…it would be Ann Coulter.

I can’t stand this woman. She’s the worst of both worlds: she touts “conservative” values while slinking around in skin-tight outfits, playing off her sexuality and spewing poison while running her dragon-lady fingernails through her bleached blonde hair. I’ve never seen someone try so hard to be edgy and hip and fail so miserably.

After her hateful comments at a recent political function (she inexplicably referred to Democratic Presidential candidate John Edwards–a heterosexual, married man and father of three–using a homophobic slur), even the Republicans are denouncing her.

It’s about damn time.

2 thoughts on “If Ignorance and Arrogance had a baby…

  1. Your second paragraph was a recap, so no comment on that, but the first? I wish Ann Coulter would read it. Beautifully scathing, Ms. Y.

    But, what’s it take to get under the skin of someone like Coulter? What what what. I would love to know.

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