Anna Nicole Smith Hearing: What a Circus!

I just finished watching Judge Larry Siedlin award custody of Anna Nicole Smith’s body to the attorney representing her infant daughter, Dannielynn.

I have NEVER seen anything like this. He broke down several times while reading his disposition paper, sobbing openly at one point. He could barely get the words out. Throughout the day, he often rambled and regaled the courtroom with pointless anecdotes, capping the day off by surprising everyone with the sudden announcement that he would be rendering a verdict by the end of today. I can only hope the judge in charge of getting the DNA samples to establish paternity is more focused and coherent. Sheesh. Poor Anna Nicole. Even in death, the events surrounding her are a circus.

1 thought on “Anna Nicole Smith Hearing: What a Circus!

  1. A lawyer who used to appear before the judge (and who also happened to have been fired(!) in an early Apprentice show) said, in an interview with Matt Lauer, that that’s just the way the judge is. That is IS empathetic, a little emotional, and a little eccentric. The cases he hears aren’t jury cases, so the atmosphere is typically less formal than a criminal trial.

    Totally agree with you about this circus – it makes me disappointed in humans and the extent of their selfishness.

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